Rewilding is one of the most viable and progressive natural solutions for the future.

This scientifically embedded practice offers a key to rebuilding ecology, biodiversity and the natural wildness of our environments in the long term.

Our rewilding academy aims to provide the first rewilding training centre of excellence to help budding rewilders take the world by storm and contribute to the recovery of nature on a massive scale.

The rewilding academy

In the academy we will share our knowledge and educate emerging leaders on the science of rewilding. We are continually developing a programme that helps graduates, experts and entrepreneurs to learn about the science of rewilding and how it benefits people.

Our programme will lead you to develop practical skills and discover new ways to integrate technology solutions, as well as building global partnerships, to create transformational change.

Our core focuses

Through our three core focuses of activity we hope to show people what this practice can help us achieve as a planet and start making greater change.

Innovations in rewilding

We are committed to putting cutting-edge technologies into practise in a way that is creative, practical and generates tangible value.

Rewilding advisory

Our team actively works with landowners to envision the future of their land and develop value-led regeneration strategies for managing their natural assets.

Practical land management

We get our hands dirty and put our feet on the ground to practically implement or advise others on how to deliver sustainable land management and rewilding practices across the globe.

Explore our internships.

As part of our rewilding academy programme, Ecosulis supports paid annual rewilding internships where you can work closely with our team on rewilding projects.

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