Rewilding is as much about people

as it is about nature. It helps communities thrive.

Not only can rewilding provide positive ways for people to engage with their environment, but it also improves livelihoods and wellbeing.

We always aim to bring people into the conversation – to ensure the public can guide the future outcomes on their planet and help nature to flourish, enriching all of our lives.

PEOPLE AND Rewilding




Building a better planet, together

The natural world

Much of our natural world has been subject to industrialisation through agriculture and urban spaces.

Beyond the affects industrialisation has on nature, it has had a significant impact on how we interact with the world’s environments.

Rewilding aims to reimagine this dynamic. Part of the vision to recover nature is to reintroduce humans into a "wilder" world, where the boundaries of nature and humankind become more entwined, allowing people to live holistically within their environments.

Why do we need to rewild?

Rewilding the earth has significant benefits for mental health and wellbeing

The urbanisation of modern society has empowered better ways of living in many ways, but it has also impacted people’s health and mental wellbeing.

By reframing how we engage with nature, we can improve our stress levels, our physical health and our social interactions.

Over time, our natural interactions have been altered. Through industrialised agriculture, we have sanitised our landscapes and disrupted the natural cycles of our ecosystems. This has impacted on biodiversity and the state of our landscapes, which in turn challenges our perception of nature.

Thrive with recovery

For the first time in history, people have the opportunity to thrive because of the recovery of nature

Taking time to engage with the outdoors revitalises the senses, mood and health of entire populations.

Whether it’s as simple as relaxing outside, or actively taking part in nature restoration initiatives, connecting with outdoor environments can be hugely beneficial to our quality of life.

Rewilding gives us an opportunity to feel in control – to not only see our world improve, but to be part of that change.

Benefits of rewilding

Our Work

Connecting people and nature

We envision spaces where people and nature can reconnect, develop strategies that support wilder societies, and innovate ideas that reimagine how we live with nature.

We also work with stakeholders – such as landowners, councils and corporates – to implement rewilding practices that regenerate natural assets, counteract the impacts of climate and create change that lasts.

Our teams also regularly engage with local communities and the public to build the discourse around rewilding and educate on how you can help at home.

What can you do?

Natural Capital and Culturomics

Using digital information, we’re able to measure where public interest lies regarding nature, so that we can prioritise what matters to the majority and make better conservation decisions. 

We do this as part of our natural capital mapping services; but, we also have a specific technique known as Culturomics to help us achieve this. Culturomics gives us insight into the ways in which people interact and react to their local environments. 

Nature matters, People matter

If you have a desire to get more involved in the nature recovery mission, or want to build spaces that bring people and nature together that boost both biodiversity and human health, get in touch. 

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