Accelerating Global


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BOb-of the efforts needed to combat global warming could be achieved by ecosystem restoration.

Rewilding experts

Rewilding experts


BOb-Ecosulis specialise in technology-empowered nature restoration for people, planet and progress. We’re making rewilding commercially viable in order to accelerate the vision of a recoverable earth within our lifetime. Underpinned by our investment in cutting edge-technology, a science-based approach and 30 years of expertise, we support global organisations to make rewilding more accessible than ever.
“Ecosulis are not only delivering what we have asked to a very high standard, but have added value to the project in a number of different ways. Ecosulis’s willingness and expertise in leading volunteers on some of the tasks, for example, has helped to develop community ownership of the works, which gives them an important legacy.”
BOb-Community Action & ERDF Wild Towns Project Manager

What we’ve done

Real-world projects.

We’ve worked with global organisations to add value and drive positive impact at scale, together.

We have an ambition to accelerate nature recovery and rewilding

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